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Steven and Katie pladl Incest Story

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Violence Against Children, Grooming

This young woman Katie in Virginia was adopted and when she turned 18 got curious about her birth parents. She found them on social media, left home, and met them. After about six weeks Her biological father got in bed with her and they had sex. The two of them began having an affair despite her father still being married to her biological mother and living together as a couple (with children!) But because she was a legal adult and was consenting to the relationship there was nothing she could do but leave. Eventually, the father instructs his other children to refer to Katie as their stepmother, even though she was actually their sister. The wife called him hysterical, “Is Katie pregnant with your baby?!”He replied, “I thought you knew we were in love”.

Steven and Katie Pladle incest story


Soon Katie’s friends and family find out about what’s going on and they don’t approve but they have no choice but to accept what she was doing. Before long Katie got pregnant with her first child. Her father was the baby’s father. So her own baby was technically her half-sibling. When the wife finds out, she calls the police because now they have legally committed incest which is still a crime in VA. They are both arrested. A no-contact order is put in place & when they get out, Katie sees the error of her ways & contacts her dad to end the relationship. The baby is ordered to be in the custody of the grandmother (also technically the great-grandmother) and Katie moves back home with her adopted parents. After hearing the news his daughter no longer wants to be in a sexual relationship with him, the dad finds Katie while she was riding around with her adopted father, empties a rifle into their truck, and kills them both. Just before this, he’d already gone to his mother’s house and murdered their infant son, then left the body in the closet.




On July 20, 2017, two months after his divorce from Alyssa was finalized and amid the police investigation, Steven and Katie got married in Parkton, Maryland. They lied on their application saying they were unrelated, according to records. What made this story an extremely twisted event was that Katie’s adoptive parents posed for a photo on the wedding day along with Steven, Katie, and Steven’s mother. It was also recorded that Katie’s friends on Facebook were happy for them and congratulated them.


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