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Is There Love Without A Condition

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Unconditional and Conditional Love

There’s always a reason for everything, and many will agree that Conditional love is selfish love, and true love is unconditional we all believed. However, commitment is conditional. That’s why, if a woman cheats, the husband can divorce her even though he may seem to have forgiven her. Love doesn’t strengthen commitment, fulfilling obligation does. The question remains Can two persons in a relationship or marriage love unconditionally? Once each party states things he or she can’t accept from the other, they will definitely avoid them if they are truly committed to the relationship. My friend told me “Oluchi,  unconditional love is a pure scam. Even Jesus died for us on the condition that there is a reward in heaven for doing good, So don’t reason it like it’s unconditional love” .why love without a reason? Is it really possible? Why is it that when someone we love changes in character that we fall in love with,  there’s bound to be a falling out of love? 

Maybe, just maybe only mothers love their children unconditionally. Often, when you decide to disregard your father in the house, he will disown you or forfeit his full responsibility for you.

Once in a while, remind your women why you’re committed to them, and state the conditions clearly, some men stated and continued to affirm that If you make her feel that you love her unconditionally, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot. Women especially don’t know that marriage is not unconditional but it’s based on the condition that you all meet each other’s needs. Reminding her and stating those conditions, it’s like telling her to keep up with the good qualities and even improve in other areas as well, Men debated.

Personally, She shouldn’t fall short of how she’s been. Highlight the virtues that you admire in her that made her worthy of you so she can keep up with it. I think there’s a difference between COMMITMENT and LOVE. I agree that men should state clearly the reason/condition they are committed to their women, however, I do believe they should be loved without a condition. With this, they will feel secure. On the other hand, there’s nothing like unconditional love for men as They wouldn’t be happy to knack and retain a woman with a smelly vagina Or a woman that can’t cook and clean, Or a woman that can’t groom her kids, Or the ones that keep too many male friends.
Even amongst children, parents have a softer spot for children that are more obedient and agreeable, that’s why they say “a controlled child, is a loved child”.

hmmm, nothing goes for nothing, a man sees first a woman who is capable to build a future with him and of course her physical appearance, on the other hand, a woman sees a responsible man who can respect, provide and protect her first before the attraction and loving. As long as the qualities are maintained and even get much better as they grow together, a long-lasting relationship is assured. Unconditional love seems to be unrealistic! 

what are your thoughts? 

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