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Houz Of Soi Fashion

Houz Of Soi Unveil

Hurray! 2022 is lit with so many talents and skills springing up all around me and everywhere, I mean how best do we maximize this era of Digitalization and a wider range of reaching audiences and clients all over the world. Today birth “Houz OF Soi” by my friend Sonia Ntini, a native of Zimbabwe who resides and operates her Fashion Houz in Namibia. Though she has been operational for many years now, styling many ladies, Bridesmaids, children, and gents as well who wants to trend their own custom clothing.

Who is Sonia, Houz Of Soi

I have known Sonia for some years now, an ever-smiling and bubbling fellow, her personality and style sit in alignment with the person she is. Her attention to detail and dedication to whatever she sets her mind to do drew me very close to her, and of course her sense of style and designs you won’t help but notice her. I remember asking her how come her flair for a designer was? she told me how she picked the interest from her Mother and further developed it into the professional she is today. I have watched her work with fabric and thread in a manner that can be simply described as exquisite and Magnifique! often starting with a rough sketch that then translates into full-size beautiful and elegant designs for different body types. She has work, native, casual, wedding, and corporate collections. She makes and sells fabulously tailored classic pieces and can deliver both nationwide and worldwide! Request for her catalog πŸ‘Œ 

some women do not like to be seen in the same outfit as the other person, just like me 😁 Houz Of Soi have EXCLUSIVE package for every caliber, they are carefully designed, customized just for you alone. She also does Training one on one and virtual. I am very excited and looking forward to the Houz Of Soi Freelance Marketing Scheme coming up very soon, whereby you earn a commission as you introduce a paid client. It’s a way of spreading wealth and a good product with a reputation for excellence, All you need to do is tell someone, a relative, your friends about Houz Of Soi.

Houz Of Soi

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Finding one ‘s personality is power, when you become aware of who you are, your style becomes effortless! 

Here is wishing Houz Of Soi a successful brand and business, Houz Of Soi to the world! πŸ₯‚

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