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Demons ,The Portal To 200 Demons

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The Portal to 200 Demons 

As I read about Latoya and their family’s escalating experience with demons, I established that this story will teach you never to carelessly rent a house whether you believe in demons or not. The family’s story involves a DCS intervention, a string of psychological evaluations, a police investigation, and, ultimately, a series of exorcisms. It’s a tale, they say, that started with flies. In 2011, Latoya Ammons, her 3 children, and her mother Rosa Campbell moved into a family home in Gary, Indiana. It didn’t appear that what will happen in the next few months are series of eerie events that can only be seen in horror movies. Shortly after moving into the home, Latoya and her family observed that once in a while, creepy noises came from the basement. At another time, they wake up to see strange footprints on the wooden floor. Every now and then, a swarm of flies will invade the porch during winter. When they are all asleep, a strange entity comes to open the door. One day, Latoya’s mother heard a loud noise coming from the children’s room. When she rushed to the room, she saw one of the children levitating. The police and the hospital soon got involved in the matter, as the children were exhibiting violent behavior. For some, the stories told by Latoya’s family were all fiction and delusional thoughts of someone obsessed with horror movies. But every doubt was cleared when right there in the hospital, one of Latoya’s children started crawling the ceiling backward. At that point, it was clear that it was a spiritual matter. The hospital called a priest who exorcised the house and Latoya’s family. The priest confirmed that Latoya and her family were possessed. The home was demolished in 2016 after the family had moved out. (The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons) IndyStar

Exorcism And Demons

Exorcism is the practice of expelling demons from a person or place. Demons are believed to be evil spirits that can possess people or places and cause them harm. Exorcisms are usually performed by religious leaders such as priests or ministers. There is no scientific evidence that demons exist and many medical and mental health professionals believe that exorcisms are harmful and can make mental health problems worse. However, some people believe that they have been helped by exorcisms and there is a small but growing number of people who believe that demons are real and that exorcisms can be helpful. The main purpose of an exorcism is to rid the person, place, or object of the demonic influence. Exorcisms are typically performed by priests or other religious figures. The process of an exorcism can be compared to that of evicting a tenant from a rental property. In both cases, the goal is to remove something unwanted from a particular location. In the case of an exorcism, the unwanted entity is a demon and in the case of eviction, the unwanted tenant is someone who has not paid rent or has caused damage to the property. Both processes require notice to be given to the unwanted entity and both processes can be contested by the entity in question.


The exorcist binds the demon in the name of God (or another higher power) and commands it to leave. Exorcisms are still performed today though,  they are not as common as they once were. This activity can range from poltergeist activity (objects moving on their own) to full-on possession where the demon takes control of the person’s body. Demons are often said to be attracted to people who are weak or vulnerable such as those with mental illness or addiction. Exorcisms have been performed throughout history and across cultures. There are many different types of exorcisms but they all involve using religious rites or prayers to drive out the demon. Exorcisms are usually performed by Catholic priests but they can also be performed by Protestant ministers and rabbis. In some cases, laypeople may also be able to perform exorcisms. Demonic possession is said to be the result of a pact with the Devil or another demonic entity. It can also occur as a result of black magic or witchcraft. Possession can cause physical and mental changes in the victim such as levitation, contortions, and speaking in tongues.

 Moving Into A New House And Exorcism

Do we remember to perform an exorcism when we move houses today? Is it really important or do we have the mindset that Demons are not real or we are above being tormented? When you move into a new house you may want to consider having an exorcism performed because of so many reasons; If murder was committed in the house, Rape, or abominable acts, bandits, etc. Know for a fact that energies are accumulated thus projecting its effects over time,  and wherever blood especially, is spilled it sure gathers some sort of negative energies. (demons)This is usually true if the house is old or if you have reason to believe that it may be haunted, an exorcism to drive out evil spirits from the place will be necessary. I remember when growing up we used to put a bible under our pillow to avoid nightmares, I saw mothers too placing a portion of psalms opened beside a newborn baby. However, how and who performs an exorcism on your behalf will determine if, instead of chasing demons away, you end up inviting more into your space.

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