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Truth OR Dare Parenting 102

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Dare And Truth

Shocking news all over the media, Truth or Dare has never been this daring with the children. Should we still blame it on peer pressure? societal influences ? or poor parenting? boys of say 15-year-olds are seeking to book a hotel room for a romp with girls of the same age bracket. I watched a video of a 15 years old boy that kidnaps children that are 5 years old and below and sells them to some adults. 3 boys aged 21,  were caught last week in some state with the heart of their friend whom they killed and wanted to use for a money ritual. Two boys aged 19 and 20 also made the news early this year when they were caught with a human head they also wanted to use for money rituals. Now 11-13 years old kids are having sex and recording themselves. News has it that they were on a school program in Dubai, where a group of five kids took Truth or Dare game to another level of Moment of Truth and Reality, where a boy said to be 13yrs and the girl 10yrs ended up in some cowboy jerking sex tape. We now live in a world where societal influence and peer pressure are stronger than parental influence. 


Truth Or Dare Blame Card

The recent shocking news of these children whose sex tape has gone viral got many people blaming the parents, especially on the girl’s parents who took on a cowboy position on the boy. meanwhile, her mother has maintained that she was not aware of this incident until a few days ago hence she’s screaming “rape” and soliciting justice for her daughter via a video she made. Instead, as Masses began to watch the said video, the story took another 360 degrees turnaround where parents are being lashed at for poor parenting as it seemed it’s a premeditated act. Yes very natural, someone must take the blame even when in our capacity we have failed. In the same way, many of us blames the school system for our children’s bad behaviors. No one has all the answers, Parenting can be a challenging task for most parents. We all want to put our children in the best environment possible, but we ought to find that balance between providing a safe home and an educational environment. Indeed Someone must be blamed for the bad behavior of a child, and in most cases is the MOTHER!



Truth Good Parenting

 Good parenting is one where the parent(s) is present, but not overbearing. It is one that has the ability to set boundaries and enforce rules while fostering independence in their children. Better parenting is one where the parent is present and involved, but in a way that helps them feel listened to and respected. This can be done by offering choices, encouraging autonomy, and creating an environment where children are given room for self-discovery. Autonomy is the ability to act independently and pursue your own goals. It comes from within, not from outside pressure. When a parent sets rules, boundaries, and expectations for their children, they are providing autonomy. Giving that freedom allows children to develop their own sense of self-worth and self-determination which will have long-term positive effects on their mental health. Isn’t the same freedom that is leading to an extreme porous behavior??  What is the best way to parent your children? When do parents start a proper sex education? How can you know what the right choices are for your family? Truth is,There are many books, articles, and advice columns dedicated to this topic. However, most of these resources can be overwhelming. The best parenting resource is yourself and your own intuition,  find the answers that work for you, take care of your emotional health – Continue taking care of yourself – Connect with other families to share your experience- Talk to someone you trust- Seek professional help. Parenting is a complicated, many-layered thing. Every child is different and every parent is different, so there’s no single right way to go about it. -I’m not sure that there is a perfect way to parent, but I do know that there are a lot of ways to screw things up. As long as your child have access to a gadget with the internet and many apps and channels, be rest assured that there are many things he or she is knowledgeable about beyond your knowledge.Many of us parents make light of using some technical and some useful measures in monitory the time spent, the history of what they watch and who they interact with on the internet.At what age should the children have their own personal sophisticated phones? why is many schools not using a proper Educational children Tablet than Ipad and Andriod? So many Educational Tablets are only loaded with subjects and activities and no access to internet/wifi , otherwise on suppervision.


There are people that are going to criticize you no matter what you do, You can’t please everyone. You’re going to have bad days – days when you’re too tired to make dinner or clean the house or do anything that you feel like you should be doing. Your kids are going to have days when they don’t want to comply with the rules and regulations of the home and this is where it gets even tougher to find the right answers when you don’t know what to do. Its no longer “Business as usual” where we give birth and give them up for only grandmothers to train , all hands on the deck . Society, Media , Peer Pressure is having a very strong grip on our chldren , be on your toes!


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