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Breakfast Important Meal?

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Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal of The Day?

You are only in control of your food when it has not left your plate to your mouth, the moment it leaves your plate to your mouth you seized to be in control.

enzymes, hormones, and other internal processes beyond your control happen. The concept of breakfast didn’t exist until around the industrial age Where fast life and convenience became the norm. Let me chip in a little physiology here

It will take between 20-30 hours for food to move from your mouth to your Anus. First 3-12hours between your Stomach and your colon.

The remaining hours in your colon You need a space between each meal. At least for your stomach and intestine to work effectively.


Modern Advice is You Should Eat Breakfast between 7 am and 9 am

Not bad advice though Now here is where the problem lies, In most mornings you won’t have time to cook a good breakfast  that gives you a fast alternative
-Breakfast cereals

All high carbs are high fat. Your body has enough calories in store to take you up to 10days without harm and your blood can only hold 4g of glucose in a given time, That’s 1 cube of sugar. Your liver stores up to 100g of glycogen(liver starch) Your muscles stores a further 300g of glucose When you eat every time you don’t allow your body to utilize fat. Because glucose is always present in your blood Which the body responds by producing insulin. insulin on other hand  helps your body utilize nutrients, Insulin promotes fat storage(anabolism)


Breakfast or Not,Overtime Eating leads to More Production of Insulin

Your cells start getting tired of insulin and resist it, leading to your pancreas, producing more. Half of your problem will be solved if you cut out sugar further 20% if you delay the next meal, 25% percent if you sourced Your calories from;

-non Starchy veggies
-good fats

If you eat

-organic foods

I just solved your 95% diet issues 😀 (with the help of an expert)

Breakfast 1: 11-12 am

Breakfast 2: before 8 pm

Make sure at least 2 hours before bedtime. Fast daily start with 16hours.

There are many theories related to the subject. Some experts suggest that breakfast should be avoided altogether, and others believe that skipping meals is not good for anyone. According to the experts, it all boils down to your individual body chemistry and lifestyle. You may find that you can skip breakfast just fine, or you could feel terrible if you do. The only way to really know is by trying it out for yourself. If skipping one meal does not seem to work for you, then try another time frame such as lunch instead of breakfast. However, if this still doesn’t suit your needs then definitely avoid skipping any meals and make sure you get your calories from good food. Women and men differ when it comes to storing extra fat.

 Let me remind you that insulin resistance is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to your body.

Decide to make shrewd changes today, Your health is your first wealth.


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