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Cholesterol And Eggs

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Eggs And Cholesterol Latest Research

The American Heart Association (AHA) used to recommend limiting dietary cholesterol to no more than 300 mg per day. However, they have recently changed their stance on dietary cholesterol and now say that there is no concrete evidence that dietary cholesterol contributes to heart disease. Eggs are a good source of protein and contain many vitamins and minerals including choline which is important for brain health. One large egg contains about 186 mg of cholesterol all of which is found in the yolk. The AHA now recommends that people with heart disease eat no more than three yolks per week. A Dr tried to answer these pressing questions on egg consumption and cholesterol.

Is egg good for your health? Yes.

Do you need an egg(s)? Yes.

Thought it is bad for the heart? No.

Does it cause heart diseases? No.

Does it have cholesterol? Yes.

Do you need that cholesterol? Yes.

Is cholesterol bad for your body? No.

Should I eat the yolk? Yes.

Fried or boiled? Any. 

He further expatiated that The only thing you shouldn’t eat in an egg is the shell. Even though the shell is useful to some people, a particular set of people even use eggshells to supplement calcium as it is rich in it. They boil the egg, get the shell and wash it, grind it into powders and use it in tea. And it has loads of benefits. It’s good for joint health, can help in reducing the risks of osteoporosis, and it’s good for the bone. Here is how to make use of egg shells properly without risk of any infection.

1. Wash the eggs very well
2. Boil the eggs properly. It’s very important to kill any form of bacteria
3. Get the shells out of the egg
4. Wash it well again then grind it to powder. Grind it to fine-powders. It is very important you grind it to fine powders so it doesn’t injure you by chance.
5. You can now add this fine powder to your tea, pap, or any food of your choice. It can also be used on animal feed for their bone health. In fact, that was where I encountered it first. Finally, he said when you choose to fry your egg, use good oil. If you can’t, then boiled eggs are the best.


The liver produces cholesterol every single day. Cholesterol is very important for the body as 30% of all animal cell membranes are made up of cholesterol. Cholesterol is still used by the body in biosynthesizing bile acids, vitamin D-steroid hormones, and other substances that help in your food digestion. It’s important you know that the highest amount of cholesterol in the body is produced by the hepatic cells of the liver. There are two kinds of cholesterol, bad cholesterol, and good cholesterol. The bad cholesterol is known as LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) while the good cholesterol is known as HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein). As the name implies, the bad one is bad for the body while the good one is good for the body. The bad one increases the risk of someone coming down with heart disease, stroke, and the likes while it’s not so for the good one as it helps prevent this. Now, since we understand what cholesterol is, the role it plays in the body, and the fact that it has types, let us bring eggs into the equation. It’s true eggs are rich in cholesterol, they contain higher amounts of cholesterol when compared to most other foods but they do not increase the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Eggs actually improve your cholesterol profile, they improve your HDL. And interestingly, eggs do not increase your risk of coming down with heart disease. One will still argue that the liver produces cholesterol, eggs contain cholesterol isn’t that too much? Dr. Tobe answered that everything that happens in the body happens in equilibrium, it’s just like when one drinks a lot of water you tend to urinate more and when you sweat more, you urinate less. Now, the liver produces cholesterol, the amount of cholesterol the liver produces depends on the amount you eat. If u consume more cholesterol (healthy ones e.g. from eggs), your liver will produce less cholesterol as the body already has cholesterol so no need to produce cholesterol. But if you don’t get cholesterol from food, the liver will work to produce one that will serve the body. Examples of things that can increase your bad cholesterol level are:

1. Being overweight.
2. Smoking.
3. Takeaway foods like hamburgers and pizza.
4. Processed meat e.g. bacon, sausages, and hot dogs.

Bottom line:
1. The liver produces cholesterol every day.
2. Cholesterol (the good one) is important for the body.
3. Eggs contain cholesterol. They contain good cholesterol.
4. Eggs improve your good cholesterol.
5. Eggs don’t increase your risk of coming down with heart disease. 


 Cholesterol is Part Of Your Body’s Metabolism

High cholesterol is not  the problem, High LDL is not the problem

Where there’s a problem is when you have high triglycerides to low HDL. That’s when you are at risk of stroke or cardiovascular diseases. High cholesterol shows you a flaw in your general metabolism that can be corrected with lifestyle modifications. Cholesterol is a very pivotal part of your transport system, hormones, and cell membrane among others. A healthy liver produces up to 80% cholesterol for your body. The rest is sourced from your diets, which account for less than 30%. What causes cardiovascular Diseases are Plaque and these plaques are made from sugar debris and other blood impurities. The function of HDL is to pick up this debris and impurities and carry it back to your liver. For recycling or removing it from your blood. LDL’s job is to carry cholesterol from the liver to cells that need It, now what makes this a bad thing? Triglycerides store unused energy and provide energy for the body, Is this bad too?

The problems come when you eat certain foods that deplete your HDL, overwhelmed your liver, and make it overproduce triglycerides and underproduce HDL

The primary cause of high triglycerides and low HDL is fatty liver, from the compounding of fat around your liver. Once your liver is fatty all other organs are at risk including your heart. Eating too many refined carbs and carbonated drinks, fruit juice is the main culprit(s) Not meat and eggs. Refined carbs raised your blood glucose, raising your insulin levels too. Insulin promotes fat storage, excess of these unused fats leads to high triglycerides in your blood. Carbonated drinks and fruit juice contains an abundance of sugar(glucose and fructose) Unused glucose is stored as glycogen first, then convert to fats. Fructose converts directly to triglycerides. Compound interest in this leads to Obesity, Thin out Fat in(TOFI), High blood triglycerides, Low HDL, Diabetes type 2, Fatty liver, HBP

And possible cancer and the good news is that all this can be reversed. The first step is totally eliminating refined carbs, inflammatory seed oils, and any source of fructose(carbonated drinks, honey, fruits, sugar, fruit juice) Reducing the number of carbs promotes the breakdown of the fats already present in the body.

Burning off the fats through Regular exercise and fasting.

Bad Cholesterol

With so many versions of research out there on this topic, clearly, humans are truly confused as it stands. Today is meat not good for the body, tomorrow meat is good for the body. Yes, I am aware that science keeps evolving over the years but it seems also to me that the human race is just ‘trial by error’ and so many casualties along the way. And this is the major reason why I let how my system reacts to what it receives to be the best judge. The latest doctor’s approval is to eat 1-4 a day . Personally, I have groomed my system to that level through my years of a dedicated and intentional lifestyle and diet, I trust its judgment hundred percent! Are many things bad for consumption? Yes so many and the reason why whatever one consumes should be carefully analyzed. One of the best ways to maintain good cholesterol levels is to eat a healthy diet. This means avoiding processed foods sugary drinks and excessive amounts of saturated and trans fats. Regular exercise is also important for maintaining good cholesterol levels. Quitting smoking is one of the most important things one can do too to maintain good cholesterol levels. There are so many lifestyles and dieting to unlearn, relearn and adapt in a proper way. Everything in moderation includes the good things. Don’t be a slave to pills, that’s not life. Unlearn those lies for good.

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