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Fat Or No Fat

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Unlearn Fat Things 

-Fat is bad for you.

-You only need 1 egg a day

-Fasting will make you weak and malnourished

-Protein harm your kidneys

-Fruits are  lifesavers

-Red meat is bad for you

-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Fat is not bad for you.

Seed oils and margarine are bad , fat is necessary for cholesterol and growth, and sex hormones synthesis.

All your cell membranes are made from fats.

Extra fat is necessary for your child’s optimum health

Choose from
-Avocado ,-olive oil
-pure palm oil

Don’t Eat Low Fat Foods

Fat is very good for people fighting insulin resistance and reversing  metabolic issues.

Low fats foods means you eat more sugar, Don’t fall for that scam.You need at least 30-40g of protein per meal

1 big sized egg contains about 6g of protein ,5 by 6 is 30, do the remaining maths.

Besides the human body produces 80% of the needed cholesterol.

It will always pass Dietary cholesterol. Fasting is a lifesaver It will save you from all metabolic Disease.

-insulin Resistance
-Fatty liver


Those with Ulcer can benefit tremendously 🙃 ,Make fasting your personal Doctor and you won’t have to spend much in the hospital.
High Protein Diet does not harm your kidneys.Infact you were made to consume higher protein and fats than carbs.Eat more meat, eggs, seafoods , Eat legumes, add Nutritional yeast to your diets.Avoid protein shakes. Fruits are not a lifesaver, infact you are better off without them. Don’t binge on fruits as sugar is sugar no matter the source and modern fruits has too much of it. Must you do fruits, it should be very sparingly and seasonal. Avoid totally if you have any metabolic issues. Red meat is not bad for you no matter the age ,What cause issues is nitrite use to preserve processed meats or too much omega 6 fatty acids from corn fed cows.Fortunately here our cows are purely grass fed, so eat your beef in peace. Method of preparation too, frying beef in Seed oils can harm you. Eat cooked with spices or with soups. You can grill or fry in butter or animal  fats .You are better off without Breakfast. Don’t spend your life in a constant state of digestion and absorption. It’s not good for your long term health. Learn to give your gut and liver the necessary rest it deserves. Unplug yourself from the endless circle of over-consuming food. Every Meal is important not just Breakfast .Learn to delay your first meal of the day At least 16hours apart for a start Then, in a Nutshell, you can still do very well with One meal a day ,I recommend twice a day, you shouldn’t live to eat.( by Dr)

So many do’s and don‘ts when it comes to health and lifestyle, it seems no research has it 💯 for a fact what should really cut it for humans here on earth. Each year has a new scientific updates. As it is I will sure go with my guts and follow the cues from my system’s reaction 🤞🏾Just keep it simple and moderate!

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