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Some Money Truths

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 Your Partner is the Biggest Financial Decision of Your Life

86% of millionaires are married and/or have a partner. Find a partner who is: 

– Frugal

– Like-minded

– Supportive of your money habits, Marry someone with a winning financial mindset.

 Choose Your Friends Carefully

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with, You’ll see that you:

– Think the same thoughts

– Have the same goals

– Lead similar lives

People can either inspire you or drain you, Choose wisely.

  Invest, Don’t Just Save

 Inflation will nibble away at your money’s purchasing power, Don’t stash your cash!  Invest in:

– Yourself

– Your network

– Your business

Invest consistently and you’ll see results.

  Outwork the Competition

To outwork the competition, you must believe in:

– Yourself

– Your team

– Your values

If you really want it, you’ll find a way, If you don’t want it, you’ll find excuses.

  Understand Basic Financial Concepts

Lack of financial literacy cost American adults $415 Billion in 2020. (I wonder how much it costs Africans)Financial literacy helps you:

 – Earn

– Save

– Build

– Invest

– Protect

The rich become and stay rich because they understand the financial system.

  Live Beyond the Comfort Zone

The most dangerous drug is comfort. Push yourself to:

 – Achieve more

– Learn more

– Grow more

The greatest achievements never came from comfort zones.

 Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

88% of millionaires are self-made. Anyone can win, if you:

 – Change your mindset

– Change your habits

If you want to be like the wealthy, you have to think like the wealthy. (Poor in mind is the hardest)

 Protect Your Purpose

Don’t be a slave to money.  Work for your purpose:

– Work to grow

– Work to build

– Work to Learn

Protect your purpose and your purpose will protect you.

  Buy Used Cars, Not New

Only 23.5% of millionaires buy new cars. (levels and stages) Here’s the benefit of used cars:

 – Lower depreciation

– Lower insurance cost

– Low-cost financing options

Most new cars depreciate in value. Don’t invest in negative returns.

 Ivy League Degrees Don’t Matter ( Ivy Network/ Circle Matter)

29.9% of billionaires didn’t go to college. 62% of millionaires went to state schools. Here’s what matters:

– Grit

– Curiosity

– Discipline

– Determination

Experience is the greatest teacher.

  A Healthy Mind Lives in a Healthy Body

 76% of millionaires exercise at least 30 mins daily. Exercise improves your:

– Judgment

– Mental health

– Physical health

– Critical thinking

– Learning retention


You Can’t Enjoy Your Wealth If You Are In Bad Health.

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