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Depression Depressed Depressing Depression

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Lately, there’s a lot of buzz on the internet on suicide, we have seen a couple of high-profile celebrities committing suicide and one wonders what could be their pain as it seems they all have what money can buy. This makes mental health, depression irrespective of class, age, and gender, never underestimate or neglect your mental health. If it’s costing one’s peace then it is way too expensive for your health. Nothing should come close to one’s place of PEACE.

Depression and diabetes seem to be two separate diseases However, in reality, they are intimately related according to a new study. Patients with depression may have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Overall the researchers suggested that treating both disorders together might reduce the risks of developing their causes and signs. Often thinking about death or suicide; feeling hopeless, helpless, worthless, or guilty Report these feelings to a mental health professional, Feeling tired (fatigue) all the time, Difficulty concentrating or remembering details and making decisions. You should take memory problems seriously—they may be an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease in older adults. Lack of energy, motivation, and interest in activities that were once enjoyed. These symptoms are also common in people who don’t get enough sleep, Loss of appetite and weight (typically 5% or more body weight) Trouble concentrating,  Short temper, or anxiety. What is the difference between ADHD (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD? (Attention Deficit Disorder) There is no difference between ADHD and ADD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental health disorder that is characterized by problems with focus hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors, hyperactivity and impulsiveness symptoms of ADHD can begin appearing as early as childhood and can continue into adulthood. There is no single known cause of ADHD but it is believed to be caused by a combination of factors including genetics and environmental factors Symptoms of ADHD can begin appearing as early as infancy and may continue through adulthood.


Depression Symptoms

People who have depression often feel they are worthless and that their future is bleak and they may see suicide as the only way out of their problems or a way to escape an intolerable life. Depression affects each person differently but there are some common signs of it. People with depression may experience changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and difficulty concentrating or making decisions.  Eating too much or not enough decreases energy makes it more difficult to concentrate, causes changes in sleep patterns (sleeping too much or having trouble sleeping) leads to feelings of hopelessness over past actions and may cause people to feel guilty. These factors can lead to anxiety about being alone that may even result in suicidal thoughts, or with a separation anxiety disorder may have some symptoms like excessive worry about being away from significant other,  Feeling of panic or terror when separated,  Inability to focus or concentrate, Stomachache, headache, sweating or nausea, Feeling out of control, Obsessively calling or texting the other person, Extreme jealousy or possessiveness, Suspiciousness or paranoia. Be sure to be alert and caring enough to be able to pick up some signs from your loved ones, colleagues, family, and friends reach out to help.


 Depression, Causes And Treatment 

Treating depression with herbs and vitamins is very helpful. Depression is a mood disorder that affects the mind and causes feelings of sadness loss or pain. The condition can last for weeks months or years but treatment options exist that offer relief, A variety of symptoms are associated with depression including thoughts of suicide and low energy levels. Antidepressant drugs are often used to treat moderate to severe cases of depression and have been shown to be effective in relieving many symptoms. Therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy may also effectively treat milder forms of depression Over-the-counter supplements like omega-3 fatty acids and St John’s wort may also be helpful in treating depression. If someone is experiencing severe or suicidal depression they should seek immediate medical help, Treatment for depression may include a combination of medication. I remember 4 years ago I experienced depression, initially, I thought it was just me not being happy of a sudden pregnancy after my second child who was just under two years. Mentally, psychologically, health-wise I wasn’t prepared, gradually I lost appetite, became so moody, and slipped into depression by each day. Eventually, I realized that calcium and magnesium (calmag) is some of the minerals/vitamins that I needed to be able to help me. Don’t be isolated, speak to your close friends, families, and doctors, seek help early. Do not contemplate suicide as you will leave your loved ones in deeper pain. Always remember that there’s a rainbow and sunshine after the Rain.❣💖🌻🌼🌻

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