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Pig’s organ And The Future

David Bennet, 57, (R), becomes the first cardiac xenotransplant patient after having a pig’s heart replace the original organ in his body in Baltimore MD., last week. Three days after the surgery, he is alive, stable, and recovering. Have you ever seen a pig’s eyes at close range? They are so eerily like those of humans. Pigs are the closest to humans anatomically. Their internal organs – with adjustments made for age – are nearly exactly the same size as humans. Bennet received a heart from a pig that was genetically engineered to remove genes that would have led to organ rejection after the transplant.

Three days and running, if this operation is successful, hope will rise for people in need of rare organ transplants across the world. 
A kidney transplant from the same animal was carried out last year.




Science Seems To be Beating All odds regards to Health

Pigs are now being used to save human lives through the scientific process . Pigs are very close to humans in many ways, including their organs. For example, the liver of either species is about the same size and weight. There are also similarities in the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. Pigs have a more complex digestive system than humans do but those systems are similar as well. In as much as this is a fantastic and a sigh of relief each time, there’s a scientific solution to a terminal illness, I can’t help but wonder about some certain category of people and religion who belives that pig is an unclean animal. They don’t touch it to talk of eating them, they are forbidden to do so, will these apply when they are subjected only to this option to stay alive? we will be expecting all sorts of conspiracy theories. Eish, Pigs are about to die en masse so as pig farming is about to boom, notwithstanding there will be less human organ harvesting if this succeeds very well. Personally, Science is here to conquer!

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