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Toilet Infection Myth Debunked

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Toilet Infection Is a Myth 

There has been a debate between medical Drs trying to educate laymen that there’s no such diagnosis as a “Toilet infection ” many of us are wondering what then is a “Toilet Infection“? very common with women,9 in every 10 if not 10 out of 10 must-have experienced what we know and treated as a toilet infection. The general belief is that it is gotten from dirty and communal toilets, caused by germs that live in water in the toilet, These germs may be spread from one person to another if you use the same toilet and the water splashes up into your anus or vagina,  also get them by sitting on a wet, dirty toilet seat and for one to prevent this type of infection, always clean and disinfect your toilet with bleach regularly, especially after someone has had diarrhea,  Another way to protect yourself after toileting, the anus should be wiped from front to back, hands should never move from the anus to the vagina. I have lived by all these rules with the notion to prevent a “Toilet Infection” But today Drs are telling us that we got it all wrong, there’s no such Diagnosis as a “Toilet Infection” so what can we call this? who passed down this “wrong” diagnosis from generation to generation? who do we hold responsible for false diagnoses and the baptismal name?🙄

Toilet Infection

What is The Medical Diagnosis For A toilet Infection

A toilet infection is a urinary tract infection (UTI) It happens when bacteria get into your urinary tract, usually from the anus to the urethra. The infection causes pain and burning during urination, as well as an urge to urinate frequently. Sexually transmitted infection (STI) too is in this category, and once one has these symptoms it’s termed “Toilet Infection” Actually, the term “toilet infection” or toilet disease is non-medical. It is a layman’s word to describe the burning sensation, itching, and foul-smelling discharges associated with vulvovaginitis (inflammation)because we believe, it originates from the use of dirty toilets. The so-called “toilet infection” is actually not acquired from the use of dirty toilets. It is rather a result of the distortion in the bacteria and yeasts flora of the vagina resulting in a disproportionate increase in the number of these organisms in the vagina to the point that they could cause inflammation. Men with trichomoniasis don’t show any symptoms of infection and so they are indisputably a source of infection for their partners. other causes of “toilet infections” are chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and human reactions to lubricants, lotions, detergents, etc. Drs said that it’s almost impossible to get an infection from the toilet 👐 . I still insist on dirty toilet water 🧐

Prevent Toilet Infection

As long as a female floral is compromised she’s highly prone to catch whether it’s a toilet infection, STI, or UTI, There’s floral health which one of them I know is Yogurt, avoiding the use of soap to wash the inside of the vagina but just rinsing it with water, Douching should be avoided since it removes the protective bacteria layer thereby worsening the symptoms. Also, hygiene sprays, fragrances, and powders around the vagina should be avoided, stay hydrated, Underwear made of cotton rather than those made of synthetic materials should be preferred, since cotton underwear increases airflow and reduces moisture build-ups around the genital area, Avoid sleeping with underwear. When “toilet infection” is suspected, it is better to use condoms during sex to prevent further spread. If you have at some point experienced “Toilet Infection” make sure it’s properly treated, if not well treated it can cause some major health problems like infertility and more. Stay clean, stay healthy!



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