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Abuse,Religion and True Image

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 Personally, I stay away from anything that has to do with religion, when you are on a certain level of spirituality you will respect any form or ways people have chosen for their belief and worship. But lately, I have been weighing in on the so many atrocities ongoing in this part of the world and in the community of Christendom. Could it be folks who adopted God of Abraham, did not adopt fully Its Character? these and many more I have pondered over the days.

Domestic Violence

Social media is agog with the recent news of a gospel singer who lost her life in the hands of her pastor husband, many blamed the church for not encouraging divorce amongst its members yet statistically, it is proven that a lot of marriages are bleeding while being the “well dressed, outspoken, active member/preacher, ordained minister”  One can easily find all forms of abuse in Church on the family level. Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and physical abuse. Is separation equal to divorce? why are folks not taking this measure at least while praying and fasting for a partner’s change of character? why are most brethren don’t exercise the whole package of the fruit of the spirit in the home? why are some brethren still very rigid with the mention of separation or divorce? rather they are admonished for perseverance. Everything seems to be at the extreme in this part of the clime. One of my passion is to be able to empower married women so that those who are trapped in an abusive marriage because of provision can boldly take a walk. It seems we are not only dealing with incapacitated women but high class, career, and businesswomen are also trapped in an abusive relationships. What could be the reason to choose not to leave??? Some families said “don’t bring shame to us please stay in your husband’s house” some have read the portion that says “you are an adulterer once divorced even after remarried” some are wallowing in “what will people and my church say” To some its a prestige and a title. No, we are not going to look at red flags today, I want to focus on “leave to live” You know my naughty mind is busy trying to figure out how I can be able to still kiss and make love to a man after collecting a hot slap, beating or abuse of any kind, who raised these beasts ?? are we as parents raising a generation of monsters too? The institution of Marriage is failed all the way from parenting, where we only groom the girl child and prepare them for marriage as one of the achievements but little or nothing of such kind of grooming for a boy child. Why are the abusers in Christendom concede? shouldn’t marriage be a joint venture, mates, partnership, friendship with a common goal, this headship of a thing needs to be revisited πŸ˜”  This orientation is on a very destructive foot. This man not only controls totally the affairs and income of his gospel singer wife but will tie her up and ask his sons to flog and kick their mother too 😭 . Is your family aware of what you are going through? do you have some friends, good friends that you trust enough to save you when it seems you can’t save yourself? Truly these children will need a decade of therapy and sensitization otherwise new comrades are being added to the circle and a generation of damaged children courtesy of an abused and a toxic family.


The True Resemblance of The Image Of God

Someone Narrates his experience with Japanese, an interesting read! 

“Never in my life have I met humans as civilized as the Japanese. They’re the true resemblance of the image of God. During my first trip to Japan, a colleague from the US forgot his laptop at the park of all places. We rushed back there and the place was closed for the day. Everyone was relaxed except me and my friend. Even the taxi driver wasn’t bothered. He promised to drive us there by 9:00 am the next day because Park opens at 8.45 am. He assured us we would get it back, that the Japanese do not steal because stealing reduces a man. That statement almost knocked me to the ground, this was 2012, not 1912.

I think anybody who is afraid of making heaven should visit Japan before dying because that’s closest to the best humans can get to. And that will give the person a picture of how organized heaven might be. These are people who apologize because you heard the sound of their ringtone. About 90% of Japanese leave their phones in silent mode so as not to disturb the next person. They all have earpieces and are thinking of stopping having horns in cars because nobody uses them. The long and short story is that we got there the next morning and the attendant took us to where we sat and behold the laptop was there”. (by Kelechi)

2018 breakdown of religious spread in Japan:
1. Shintoism – 69%
2. Buddhism – 66.7%
3. Christianity – 1.5%

4. Others- 6%


Yes, your guess is as good as mine! In places like East and West Africa, (not limited to other countries on this continent) one will find a minimum of 5 church buildings on every street, operational mostly 3 times a week with loads of prayer meetings, programs, and evangelism YET the statistics and reports coming from Japan can not equate to what we currently have on the ground regards to kidnapping, human ritualists, an unhealthy quest for fame and power, raping, abuse of all kinds including children, killings of a spouse, all manner of evil abound in an environment where at least 85% professed Christians and follower of God. Late last year until now, it has been one investment crash to another. Ironically all the founders of these Ponzi schemes, on one or multiple occasions made use of devotion, random charity donations, bible, worship, and prayer sessions in church, Motivational speakers, and billions of dollars were swindled out of poor masses. why is Christendom a den for thieves where evil, hate, greed, selfishness, abominations, wickedness, unforgiveness, rage, DWELLS? What went wrong and how can this body be totally revived and begin to truly stand for what it says it is?

Religion Religion Religion

In as much as many of our activities here on earth seem like we are just wasting our time forgetting our purpose here. There’s no marriage beyond this realm and the earlier we begin to find our path the better. Don’t allow any kind of pressure to sink you deep into 6 ft prematurely. No, all men are not cheats, all men are not bullies and abusers, no not all are JUST managing their union, Many are in pure bliss and harmony, Many men too are raised by queens! with morals, empathy, and dignity intact πŸ™Œ .Don’t buy into some of the negative general notions about Men/women/marriages hence trying to pray your way out of an abusive relationship. Do not only adopt a religion but work even harder to be a good character and representative of what you professed.

Oh hi there πŸ‘‹ It’s nice to meet you.

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