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Body Odour and Therapy

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What is body odor and how to help stop it

Body odor can be embarrassing, especially if it is particularly strong. There are a number of causes for body odor and a wide variety of ways to treat it. How you choose to treat your body odor will depend on the cause and type of smell. For example, if you sweat excessively from exercise or other physical activities, antiperspirants may help prevent excessive sweating and help reduce body odor. other physical activities, antiperspirants may help prevent excessive sweating and help reduce body odor. 

Body odor is a natural process of our body. It can be caused by bacteria that naturally live on the skin or in our sinuses. Certain foods and drinks will lead to an unpleasant smell because they contain chemicals that bacteria love, such as garlic and coffee. If you are having trouble with body odor, try changing your diet to see if it makes any difference. You may also want to use an over-the-counter antiperspirant for extra protection against strong smells. For further details, you may want to check The Link Between Diabetes and Metabolism of H. Pylori.

Could it be possible that some people with body odor don’t perceive that they have this strong odor or they have come in terms to just go about their duties as if it’s no big deal? just like a mouth odor too. Many of us depend so much on cologne but hey body sprays and strong perfume will bow when heat comes.

Do you have a colleague with body odor? a partner with body odor? children with body odor? friends and family with body odor? brothers and sisters in church with body odor? employees with body odor? And you don’t know how to approach them but end up gossiping about them with another person, The urge of not telling should be resisted because you are not helping the person. personally, it’s not worth losing a relationship or work because of body odor. it is very uncomfortable but we can Tell and help in love.


Tell And Help:

Is the winning mindset, Call him/her and talk privately, start by appreciating who they are, and tell her she has a body odor and you are willing to help her work on it and make sure you never discuss this with another person.


Therapy That Works:

Lemon, Apple Cider, Baking soda, shaving.

Shave off armpit and pubic hair, Use lemon to scrub all over body with emphasis on armpit and under feet. Add baking soda to the lemon to scrub the armpit (super effective). Apple Cider and baking soda can be used too if lemon is not available. if it’s a very strong odor then an intensive daily scrubbing for the whole week will kill the odor then continue twice weekly .lemon kills any iota of smell like magic! The same goes with children too. the manner in which this is handled is a great deal!

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