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Healing After Infidelity Trauma

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The State Of A Family After Infidelity 

There was a discussion today with some family friends visiting, suddenly there was a heavy downpour and the weather totally changed, its a cold evening and a cup of hot chocolate will do just fine, just as we got comfortable and warmed up, Sharon posed this question to me.” Oluchi is there something you haven’t been able to forgive totally from Sam? is there something both of you are living with against each other? what has been your journey of forgiveness in your marriage”?

If you know Sharon, you will know how she doubles up her questions and wait for a long tutorial 😂 This reminded me of forgiveness after infidelity in a marriage and we ended up weighing in on this situation. Do families actually heal after a spouse is caught cheating? does it ever remain the same?

There is no one answer to this question as each couple handles infidelity differently. Some couples may be able to move on after an affair and rebuild their relationship, while others may find that they are unable to forgive and forget. It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer and that every couple should make the decision that is best for them. If you are struggling with whether or not you should stay in your relationship after an affair, it may be helpful to seek out counseling. it may also depend on the extent and duration of the cheating when the other partner is outrightly loyal and faithful, personally, I believe for so many people things never remain the same.” forgive and forget” the forgetting part is the toughest.


How Infidelity Affect The Couples

The effects of cheating can vary drastically from couple to couple. However, in general, infidelity can be incredibly damaging to a relationship. It can cause trust issues, resentment, and anger. In some cases, it may even lead to a breakup or divorce. Infidelity can also have a negative impact on the cheater’s mental health, causing depression and anxiety. In some cases, Infidelity can also have legal consequences. If the cheater is caught, they may face criminal charges for adultery or for violating the terms of a prenuptial agreement. The effects of infidelity can be both emotional and physical, it may bring some couples closer making them realize how being stupid is about to cost them what they truly cherished. high possibility that something in you just completely died, families are healed but trust is broken,  and to talk of the psychological effects on children if there are and of age.

What Is The Remedy For Infidelity 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the remedy for infidelity will vary from couple to couple. Some couples may choose to work through the issue and try to rebuild their relationship, while others may choose to end the relationship. If the infidelity was a one-time occurrence, it may be easier for the couple to work through the issue. If, however, there is a history of cheating in the relationship, it may be more difficult. It is important for both partners to be honest and open with each other about their feelings and what led to the infidelity. They should also agree to therapy. If they are both committed to restoring the relationship, they can work to rebuild trust, which is essential for a healthy, lasting relationship, and to each person their own emotional capacity to handle such betrayal. I have dealt with other kinds of forgiveness except for Infidelity issues, the truth is one never knows until it actually happens .you can not say how you will handle it until a cock gets home to roost.

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