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Plurality, Double Side Of Human

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Healthy Plurality

 Do we really understand Why Good People Do Bad Things and Bad People Do Good Things? Plurality. Humans are plural, therefore possess the ability to be good and to also be evil. The good side of us can be tapped into just as the evil side can be provoked by the environment, family,  greed, or society. In my dealings and experience with all humans, whether Priest or Prostitute, Monk or Junkie, I’ve kept it at the back of my mind that inside the pastor lives a prostitute, and inside the prostitute lives a pastor. Inside the good lives the bad, and inside the bad lives the good. In every beauty, there’s a beast and in every beast, there’s a beauty. Inside that, CALM HEADED guy or lady is a violent beast while inside that violent beast is a baby seeking attention. This is the plurality of our Humanity. Nobody is entirely good..and no one is entirely evil. This is a confirmation that inside the good exists a certain level of evil. How much good can be found in you and how much bad can be found in you?

This philosophy is the reason I do not condemn bad people entirely. This is also the reason why I do not trust good people 100 percent ๐Ÿ˜€. So it’s safe to say it’s noble to give the bad girl or guy a second chance, every human deserves a benefit of the doubt; keeping an open eye on the one who projects himself or herself to be good and always right in their eyes. (you know those of us who judge, criticize, and sentence a fellow human? ehen )

Plurality Accepting It

Accepting your plurality will help you to avoid hating yourself when you make bad decisions. Also to understand not to be extremely harsh with one another. It will keep you humble when you do charity knowing that you are not really as good as you project yourself to be. And lastly, Accepting your plurality will keep you REAL. YES. People don’t understand what being real is. If someone projects himself/herself to be a saint without sin, they are not real. And if someone for whatever reason projects himself/herself to be A BAD HARD GUY/GIRL without showing the broken but good side of them, they are also not real. If you are too good, you are fake. If you are too bad, you are also faking being bad. Healthy Plurality means accepting a balanced view of your personality without rejecting any of your realities. Can one be good 100%? ๐Ÿค” why do many of us subject and hide so much the bad side? Mind you most times it’s not really a bad side but since everyone needs to be an angel and saint, one gets to play “angel”.Can this bad side be changed? can one truly repent from these personalities for good?  of course, everyone has two personalities. The one that is projected in open and the one projected in hidden. As a human, you need this understanding to connect and understand people.


Plurality Reality

Everyone you trust today has the ability to betray you tomorrow. And everyone who betrayed you today also has the ability to defend you tomorrow. Inside your present betrayer lives your future defender and inside your present defender lives your future betrayer. Why are most of us in denial of human pluralities including self? could this be the reason we keep experiencing people being  judgmental, high moral expectancy, a uniform code of conduct, etc

Do you now understand why good people possess the ability to do bad things? And why even evil can do good and it doesn’t make them good. Duality is part of creation and can be seen in everything here on earth; Man/woman, good/evil, hot/cold, Up/down, etc. You who is reading now can be MEAN as much as being GOOD. Take time out to look further into pluralities in humans.



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