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Real life Extramarital affairs by Men

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What Victor has to say :

I love my wife dearly and I respect her but I just can’t resist dating other girls. I got married 6 years ago and

the urge to cheat on her came over me 2 years into the marriage. As of now, I have dated about 14 girls

despite being married.


One of the ladies I dated was also a married woman. Three months into the relationship, the husband found out about us through her phone and lured me to a hotel by pretending to be his wife. I was taken to an unknown location and beaten mercilessly by four soldiers. His wife apologized for not being careful

enough, I forgave her and we are still together.



What Gani has to say:

I met a corper called Leila on one of my business trips to Akure. I fell in love with her instantly and I was ready to marry her. She is calm, respectful, and very beautiful. I furnished her apartment in Akure to make the place conducive for both of us. My trip to Akure became frequent, I told my wife it was business. Seven months into the relationship, I told Leila that I have a wife and children. I further told her about my intention to secretly marry her and send her abroad after serving.


Long story short, Leila ended the relationship despite everything I promised her. I left Akure after all my effort to make the relationship work was to no avail. When I got home, I hugged my wife and started crying on her shoulder because of the breakfast I just got served. She started crying with me without even knowing the reason why.




What Timothy has to say:

I work at the same organization as my wife in Texas. I have been working there for the past 3 years but my

wife who just got there 6 months ago got promoted twice right before my eyes. I am making $120k and

she’s making $250k already. I tried so hard to hide it but I finally told her about how her position makes me feel like I’m not doing well enough as a man. She changed it for me and that caused a serious fight between us. I started seeing other girls because it now feels like I’m married to my

boss. I have dated more than 4 girls just this year.




What Dairo has to say:

I cheated on my wife in 2019 and that was my biggest mistake ever. I’ve always hated and preached against cheating but not until I met Oyin. I needed a secretary and a friend introduced her to me. After she started work, I noticed her mode of dressing changed to a more revealing one. I sternly warned

her and she stopped. Three months later, I started having deep feelings for Oyin that I would go to her desk to sit and talk to her. I don’t understand how I went from being the strict boss to a mumu- in-love so fast. We started having sex in my office constantly and other workers suspected us. The whole issue turned to yam pepper scatter the day my wife showed up at the office and caught us. She filed for divorce a week after. I regret it because I miss my happy family.



What Yanju has to say:

After 10 years of marriage, I found out that my first two children are not mine. My wife’s sister later

revealed that the children are for my wife’s ex-boyfriend. The DNA test only showed that my

lastborn is mine. I was depressed and couldn’t tell anyone what happened to me, including that snake

that calls herself my wife. My story changed to a positive one after I met my university ex-girlfriend, we dated for 7 months while I was still married. I have now filed for divorce and I am ready to take my relationship with my ex to another level.



What Mayowa has to say :

I didn’t know some Olosho(prostitutes) also look for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage until I met Angie in Lagos. I and my friend who disguised as a bachelor rented a very big and conducive apartment in Lekki to execute our prostitute operations. That’s how I jam Angie for club one Friday night

and took her to the Lekki apartment. On Saturday morning, I woke up to my breakfast, she had already cleaned everywhere as well. I knew it was time to set the record straight when Angie began to beg me to marry her. I told her I’m a married man and she said it doesn’t matter that I should leave my wife for

her. That was when I realized that I had carried a Delilah because I wouldn’t trade my wife for anything. She left Lekki after two weeks of doing housewife duties even though I wasn’t there throughout. I told her to never come back.



What Moses has say:

I married my wife 6 years ago. She was very pretty until after she gave birth to our twin (2 boys). I am not attracted to her despite how hard I try to be. I still care about her and the boys so much but there is something about her body that I don’t find attractive anymore. Since we hardly have sex these days, I’m now seeing 23-year-old schooling in Kwasu. It has been amazing but I hope my wife forgives me

if she finds out.



Chibuzor, 40

I met Omolara on Twitter during the lockdown We began planning to travel to the Maldives after the lockdown. Little did I know that my wife knew about our plans and was getting herself ready to travel to the Maldives too. Two days to the day of our vacation, I showed my wife a fake email that states that I would be traveling to Abuja for two weeks. On the D-day, I finally got to meet Omolara and we boarded without knowing that my wife was also on the flight with us. Long story short, my wife announced on the flight that she wanted to surprise me. I almost peed on my body. Las las, I had to join my wife in her hotel while Omolara used the one we booked before. I was with my wife throughout the trip and

Omolara stopped talking to me after then My wife’s smartness is depriving me of tasting another pussy and it’s tiring.




My wife pushed me away and that motivated me to get a girlfriend. My wife and I never lived together until we got married and I wish we did. Aside from the fact that she’s a professional snorer, my wife’s fart can also bring down an entire building. She farts so much that I had to stop buying certain foods in the house.

Anytime I ask her to sit so we could talk about how she will quit farting uncontrollably, she would turn it into a joke and even force out another fart. I stopped finding her actions funny, I didn’t sign up for this kind of for better or worse. I am not attracted to my wife anymore. I am in a serious relationship with a Hausa lady who I would like to marry soon.



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