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Sex Toys, IQ and Libidos

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Sex And Libido

Libido is simply defined as sexual desire. So a high libido means that someone has a strong sexual desire while a low libido means that someone has a weak sexual desire. There are many factors that can affect a person’s libido including age, stress hormones, and medications. Some people are naturally more sexual than others and some people just have a higher sex drive. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how much sex someone should want to have. Some people are perfectly happy with it once a week while others need it every day. It all depends on the individual, for example, Germany is a sexually liberal country, and attitudes towards sex and sexuality are relatively open. There is no single attitude towards sex and sexuality in Germany as attitudes vary between different social groups. However overall Germans are generally quite open about their sexuality and it is not considered taboo to talk about sex or to have an active sex life. Germans also have a relatively high libido and sexual activity is considered an important part of life. Germans are typically quite open about their sexual desires and needs and many Germans are comfortable discussing their sex lives with their friends and family. Sex is also considered an important part of relationships and couples typically have a healthy and active sex life. Libido varies significantly from person to person. However, according to a survey by the Kinsey Institute the average libido for men is around 18 times per month while for women it is approximately 10 times per month. This difference may be due to a variety of factors including biological hormones and social norms. Additionally, libido can fluctuate throughout a person’s life and is often affected by stress, illness, medications, relationship problems, hormonal changes, and underlying medical conditions. Some people experience a decreased libido as they age.

Sex Toys Libidos

We should know that sex toys can have an effect on our libido and IQ. Libido is our sexual desire and IQ is a measure of our intelligence. Some research has shown that using sex toys can increase libido and that people who use sex toys have higher IQs. This may be because sex toys help to focus on sexual pleasure and this can lead to an increased libido. Additionally using sex toys can help to learn about our own bodies and what feels good which can also lead to an increased libido. There are many different types of sex toys available on the market. These include vibrator dildos, anal beads, and strap-Ons. Sex toys can be used to stimulate the genitals or other parts of the body. They can be used alone or with a partner and many people find that using sex toys can help to increase their libido.

sex toys libido

Sex Toys, Libidos And IQ

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about sex toys, libido, and IQ. Let’s start with sex toys. There is no evidence that using sex toys decreases libido or causes any other negative sexual health effects. In fact, research suggests that people who use sex toys have higher sexual satisfaction and overall relationship satisfaction. As for libido, it is normal for libido to fluctuate throughout life. Finally, there is no correlation between IQ and libido. So if you’re worried that your high IQ might be causing low libido you can rest assured that this is not the case! However, New research by sex toy retailer Lovehoney found a correlation between high sexual libido and elevated intelligence, but a high sex drive doesn’t necessarily mean that super-smart people are having more romps in the bedroom. In fact, research suggests just the opposite. An analysis based on sales figures from Love honey found that students from top UK universities spend more on sex toys than others. The Telegraph reports that Love honey’s sales and website visits indicate a “heightened interest in sex amongst students in the Russell Group of elite universities.” In short, the retailer found that students with a high IQ may also have higher-than-normal sex drives. That assertion is entirely plausible…but there is also an alternative explanation. It’s possible that students with high IQs aren’t having much sex, resorting to sex toys as a means of achieving sexual gratification. This theory reinforces what researchers have said repeatedly for years: people with higher IQs have less sex than everyone else. “Intelligence is negatively associated with sex frequency,” said sociologist Rosemary Hopcroft in a 2011 article for Psychology Today. “It’s a bit dismaying.” Smart people having less sex and starting to have sex later in life can be attributable to any number of things. People with higher IQs may take into consideration the negative consequences of risky sexual behavior more than their peers of average intelligence. They could also just be too busy studying and working to find time for sexual relationships with others. Or they could be lacking in good looks. Science has yet to prove any of these things to be true. Elite students at UK universities don’t shy away from talking about sex toys and what their use could mean about intelligence’s relation to sex. (Medical daily) 



Research Links High Sex Drive To High IQ. But Brainiacs Still Have Less Sex Than Everyone Else, the story has it that our very Elon Musk had a threesome with Amber and another lady, and everyone was shocked.  Research shows that Bright people are creative and creative people have weird imaginations and these imaginations are not limited to the boardroom, they extend to the bedroom. Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich in the chapter titled “sex Transmutation” is a book on converting one’s sex drive to creative energy. He highlighted that as a stimulant, sex has the potential of connecting our infinite intelligence ie particles of thought released into them either by an infinite mind that is functioning under the influence of very high vibration is emotionalized. Sex is meant for more than just a physical expression. The most successful people in the world learned how to convert their sex drive to creative energy. Your high sex drive is not demonic. No. As a Matter of fact,  your high sex drive can be positive and not negative. Don’t allow religion to demonize your natural powers. There’s a difference between high sex drive and high sexual activity, activity with multiple partners is where integrity and self-control are tested. The research shows that people with high IQ have high libido but lower sexual activity since they find it difficult to find a suitable intellectual match to share intimacy with. While people with lower IQ are more prone to have more sexual activity even with lower sex drive because most times sex is the only thing they bring to the table. In the case of when the head is empty, the body becomes the payment. If you have ever had sex for favors, it is a sign that you may need to upgrade your IQ. So yes, your sex drive and sexual activity can be used to measure your INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT.





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