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The Paternity DNA Test

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Why Should Any Man or Women Request For A DNA Test?

A DNA test is a medical test that uses a small sample of your blood, hair, and/or saliva to determine what genes you have. This may help identify certain diseases or conditions. It can also indicate whether you are at risk for developing certain health problems in the future. A doctor will order this type of test when you show symptoms of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or other illnesses. A paternity test is used to determine if a man is the father of a child. If there are any doubts, legal or otherwise, about paternity, then a DNA test can be performed. There are three basic methods that can be used to perform a paternity test: blood tests, cheek swab tests, and hair sample tests. The most accurate type of test requires both parties to provide samples of their blood; however, it is not as invasive as the other two types. A cheek swab involves taking cells from inside the mouth with a q-tip like a tool that has been dipped in alcohol or some other solution for sanitation purposes. Lastly, hair testing is used for screening potential employees. An analysis of hair can determine whether toxins of recent consumption or even traces of possible substance abuse have occurred. Notably, no man should fall into any dirty emotional manipulation and blackmail; that’s totally on you. But you don’t have to If you feel the need to do that DNA Test, please go ahead and do it. it is better to do it now and know; than do it later and feel you’ve been taken for a fool for years. There are many reasons paternity fraud is reportedly very high especially in many African countries. For me, the biggest reason is DNA Tests are not yet routine or mandatory, If we make DNA Tests – paternity and maternity- to confirm the dad and mom- a compulsory and routine thing, this madness of a man getting to know he is not the biological father of a child that he has come to love and nurtured to a certain age will end.



Many Women Argue This Notion

“If a man asks me for DNA Test, that’s the end of that marriage. It means he doesn’t trust her, and I will end that marriage” others also said nurses always swap babies in hospitals. That is why  DNA Paternity test- to check baby belongs to the “dad”. and DNA Maternity Test- to check baby belongs to the “mum”.so a swapped baby will NOT match either parent. If the baby’s DNA matches the woman but not the man, that is NOT a swapped baby. That’s another man’s baby. Nothing to worry about “if” you are very sure the baby belongs to the Man/woman, Rather it helps clear any form of doubt and hostility towards the child by the suspicious partner. General assumption suggests that Men are expected to put their years, their tears, their sweat, and their hard-earned money to train another person’s child without even knowing. Imagine devoting 20 years of your life to a child you were deceived and defrauded into believing is your own. How can this be fair?

Some men will never even find out till they die. A whole lifetime of fraud and deception. And many of these ladies never confess on their own- it’s usually discovered when the child is ill or there’s a need for DNA Test as part of the visa requirement. How in the world is this fair?


DNA Test

That a baby “resembles” you don’t mean the baby is your own. It could belong to your brother, a friend, a total stranger, Or your “distant cousin”. like a saying “Only the woman knows who’s truly the father of her children. DNA Test comes in handy!




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